These Adorable Food Creations Are Inspired By Animals 

Have you ever looked at your plate and realized that the food in front of you looks so good that it feels like it would be a shame to eat it? Well, that’s what every food creation by Korean food artist Min Kyungjin looks like.

Kyungjin has a popular Instagram page on which she frequently shares her adorable food art. Her food creations are inspired by animals and always look like they belong in a gallery rather than a dinner table.

From rice puppies covered in egg omelet blankets to mango turtles and dumpling fish, it looks like there is no animal and food pairing that Kyungjin can’t pull off.

Kyungjin started making this adorable food art as a way to express her creativity through cooking. She relies on her imagination and love for comics, movies, and pop culture to bring her ideas to life.

Kyungjin started sharing her food art on social media in early 2022 and now already has close to 400K followers.

“I’m interested and proud to share what I like with someone,” she told Bored Panda in a recent interview. “People say that when they see my cooking, it makes them laugh and feel better. I like that response the best!”

Scroll down to check out more of these “too cute to be eaten” food creations.