Artist Reimagine Famous Artists as Cats Through His Stylish Pins

Cats are an inspiration to artists all over the world, whether it’s incorporating them into paintings, making cat sculptures, or creating cat-inspired accessories. This is especially the case in modern art, where artists often make cats the focal points of their art. Nia Gould, a graphic designer and illistrator does just that.

Gould, who is also known under her moniker niaski, creates all kinds of awesome cat-inspired art including paintings, cards, and much more. But the thing she is most known for is stylish pins through which she reimagines famous artists as cats.

Some of the modern and contemporary artists that received their cat version include Piet Mondrian, who became Meowdrian, Jackson Pollock, who got reimagined as Jackson Pawlock, and Salvador Dalí, who was turned into Catli.

Check out some of these pins below.