Planet Prudence is One of the Most Relatable Comics We’ve Seen

Prudence Geerts is a Belgian artist behind the adorable webcomic Planet Prudence that’s devoted to showing you that you’re not alone in your thoughts, no matter how odd they may seem at times. The star of the comics is the illustrated version of Geerts that finds herself in numerous funny situations that we’re all familiar with.

“I started drawing ever since I was a little kid,” Geerts writes on her website. “My older brother went to art school and I was determined to do the same thing he did in high school when I was older. And so I did.”

She explains that her comic started as a personal outlet because she always thought her thoughts weren’t significant enough to share with the others. Today, she has over 650,000 followers on Instagram who prove to her day after day that her experiences are totally normal and universal. Scroll down to see some of her best work.