Artist Turns Plastic Waste Into Beautiful Works of Art

When artist Benjamin Von Wong realized the serious problems about plastic waste, he decided to create art installations that bring the devastating effects of trash in our environment.

His recent art installation called “Plastikophobia,” is made of 18,000 plastic cups collected over the course of just a day and a half with the help of small group of volunteers. These cups were taken from numerous hawker centers across Singapore. They spent more than 28 hours cleaning the pile of dirty plastic cups and spent days transforming these into a shiny crystal cave.

“With all the pieces assembled and in place, we put the installation to the test by combining a Broncolor Balloon Lamp with a contemporary dancer, Jialin Neo. With tiny LED fairly lights pulsing across the entire installation, we had to drag the shutter and put our flash on the lowest possible power setting to get the effect of a glowing earth surrounded by a sea of plastics,” Von Wong wrote on his website.

The project aims to raise awareness about the serious impact of plastic waste in our environment particularly the ocean.