This Artist Uses Coffee Cups to Create Incredible Works of Art

Josh Hara is a creative director at a large marketing agency.  In 2014, he took up the challenge called #100CoffeeCups, where he set out to draw on 100 coffee cups and today with over 400 cups drawn, his caffeine-fueled art has been all over the internet and he keeps on going.

The idea came about when he saw actor Shia LaBeouf at a red carpet event wearing a bag on his head that said “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE.” Hara immediately created his coffee cup version and shared it on his Instagram account.

“At the time, it was more of a one-off, but a few days later I created another one, and then another. Then a well-known Twitter personality and friend, Kelly Oxford, had left a comment on a Facebook post that I was on to something. So, I kept going,” he told Threadless at the time.

Check out his latest creations below.