Artist Uses Real Food in His Illustrations

Spanish illustrator Jesuso Ortiz combines minimalistic illustrations with food and other common items to create vibrant 3-D artworks that are loved by nearly 200k people on Instagram. His style is distinctive and easily recognizable. It has a contemporary feel to it and his drawings are soft and always different.

“Designer, illustrator, artist, humanoid,” as his website describes it, Ortiz says he came from another galaxy to inhabit his human body and have all kinds of experiences on Earth. “If I am here is because of that gift which has allowed me to keep experimenting on this crazy but beautiful and fascinating planet,” he says.

If you want to see more of his work, check out his Instagram page. On his website, you’ll find a shop where you can get yourself prints, magnets, and other items that feature his gorgeous illustrations. Scroll down to see our favorites!