This Designer Illustrates Songs

Alex Szabo-Haslam creates visualizations that represent the way songs look, rather than the way they sound.

Szabo-Haslam titled the project Waveform and he accepts commissions – he can turn any song you want into a poster. Isn’t that just the perfect gift for your music-loving friend or a special way to celebrate a song that has a special place in your heart?

“I’m a freelance designer, associate lecturer, and crowdfunder working remotely from my studio in Sheffield — or on-site for a range of clients and agencies,” the artist wrote on his website. “I work independently, and sometimes collaborate with other creatives to roll-out graphic design and branding for education institutions, conferences and festivals, music and arts organisations across the UK. Since late-2018 I’ve freelanced as a UI Designer.”

He can create the designs in over 1,800 different colors so you can easily fit yours into any home, office, or studio. To see more, visit his Instagram page.