Atelier Hatena Creates Intriguing Felted Miniatures like Bread Bugs and Pancakes Snails

Plenty of people don’t like bugs and insects. But we assume that even they would fall in love with the adorable bug-like felted miniatures by Atelier Hatena.

This Japanese felted artist creates intriguing felted creatures that you wouldn’t mind crawling on your desk. Some of their creations include bread bugs that are actually loaf of bread with added legs, pancake snails with pointy eyes and adorable whipped cream tails, and ants that carry large mushrooms on their back.

Atelier Hatena actually covers the entire spectrum of pastry and bread products in her works. Whether you’re a fan of croissants or sourdough bread, the chances are that you’ll find some piece that will fascinate you. Best of all, you can even own them as these felted creations are made available for purchase on the artist’s webshop. However, note that they usually sell out fast, so keep an eye on their Twitter page to get the updates when there is a fresh batch available.

Hatena’s works are hugely popular in Japan and have even inspired a line of toys. The artist teamed up with toymaker Qualia and, as of recently, some of her bread bug pieces became available as capsule toys.

Check out more of Atelier Hatena’s felted miniatures below.