Sean Yoro Creates Impressive Murals On Places Only Accessible By Water

Painting murals for Los Angeles-based muralist Sean Yoro isn’t just about creating artwork on a piece of concrete. It’s also about overcoming challenges and growing as an artist with each experience.

Yoro, who also goes by his alter ego Hula, paints his artwork mostly on places that are only accessible by water. He hits the waters on his surfboard and has to paddle out to the designated spot while making sure his supplies don’t end up falling from the board. When he gets there, he battles currents and needs to work quickly before the tides come and interfere with his art.

“I had to learn not only a faster and more efficient way to paint while on a surfboard but also blending layers together needed to be able to adapt to the tides and other variables that might restrict certain areas of the wall,” Yoro revealed in a recent chat with Colossal.

The unusual locations also cause his murals to evolve constantly. The visibility changes depending on the tides, while water leaves marks on the artwork that alter it in a surreal way.

Check out more of his impressive works below.