Bahraini Artist Creates Incredible Stop-Motion Art

Kawthar BuMetea is a stop motion and animation artist from Bahrain whose work is followed by over a million people on Instagram. She shares short animations that feature different themes, such as pop-culture villains, plastic surgery makeovers, and animated makeup looks. 

She earned a Bachelor degree in Web Media in 2016 at Bahrain Polytechnic and has been working as a freelance illustrator during her studies and after she got a degree. Over time, BuMetea positioned herself as an artist with a unique style and many respected brands have contacted her for her services. So far, she’s collaborated with Disney, Microsoft, Benefit Cosmetics, Guerlain, etc.

BuMetea says she prefers using pen and paper over digital tools. She loves the feeling of art coming alive on paper and also loves to incorporate various surprising objects in her videos that her audience isn’t always expecting.

To see more of her work, follow her on Instagram! Below are some of our favorite picks.