Artist Interprets the English Alphabet as Italian Cuisine

Here’s a clever way to create typography that’s literally tasteful: add your local cuisine twist to it. Italian artist and designer Erika Rossi did just that when she reinterpreted the English alphabet as her favorite Italian dishes.

Her original series was made as part of the #36daysoftype challenge which invited designers, illustrators, and graphic artists to express their particular interpretation of letters and numbers. “Let’s start the #36daysoftype with this ‘A’ as in ‘Amatriciana,’” wrote the Barcelona-based artist under her first illustration of the letter A. “This traditional roman dish takes its name from the town of Amatrice and the first written record of it comes from the roman cook Francesco Leonardi who served Pasta all’Amatriciana to the Pope in 1816,” she explained. “Yes, it’s gonna be alllll about Italian cuisine my friends!”

Since graduating from Iuav with an MA in Visual and Multimedia Communication, specializing in Interaction Design, Rossi works as an interaction and UX designer. But she still takes her time when it comes to drawing, sharing her graphic illustrations with her small but dedicated following on Instagram.