BangTsikiTsiki is Celebrating Nature Through her Stunning Makeup Looks

The way we look at makeup art significantly changed in recent years thanks to daring and innovative young artists who are always in the mood to get experimental. Petra of BangTsikiTsiki is a case in point, and her stunning makeup looks are a love letter to Mother Nature.

Petra hails from Helsinki, Finland, and she has gone a long way since the start of her artistic journey. Before giving makeup art a shot, she used to run a successful DeviantArt page, where she shared her tattoo-inspired art with the world.

She eventually decided to switch the gears and use her face as a canvas. This proved to be the right calling for the young makeup enthusiast, who describes herself as an “artist in progress” because she had to learn a lot on her own since the start of her makeup journey.

We’ve seen Petra experiment with many different styles over the years, but one common theme eventually emerged. Her makeup looks are mostly inspired by nature and usually feature floral elements, but she’s no stranger to paying homage to birds, frogs, butterflies, and other animals through her makeup art.

She uses eyeshadow palettes, glitter, rhinestones, and everything in between to bring natural scenes to her face, and usually lists all the products she used to help other makeup lovers recreate her looks.