Black Barc Uses Jewelry to Celebrate Understated Beauty of Insects

Most people try to avoid insects at all costs, but that didn’t stop Mizuki Tsurutaka from putting them front and center in her art. She’s the founder of Black Barc Jewelry, and her creations often celebrated the understated beauty of beetles, ladybugs, and other insects.

Tsurutaka became interested in making jewelry while still in college, and she founded her own brand in 2011. Its name Black Barc is the love letter to traditional Japanese blacksmithing techniques since she’s committed to hand-forging her jewelry instead of relying on molds.

Ever since Black Barc Jewelry opened its doors, Tsurutaka hand-crafted several collections inspired by nature. The brand’s signature “Hebi” line was inspired by snakes, and they also found success with the skull-themed collection “Doku” and flower-themed line “Hana”.

Nature was always Tsurutaka’s main driving force, and she’s often inspired by creatures that other people find terrifying, including insects. They were at the center of the brand’s “Mushi” collection, which features wearable art inspired by many different species.

Tsurutaka is a huge fan of beetles, and it’s not a coincidence that her jewelry usually takes the shape of these insects. They’re her personal favorites, and they’re the reason why she started working on the “Mushi” line in the first place before deciding to make jewelry inspired by other species, as well.