Iisa Hero is Inspiring Young & Broke People to Travel the World

Exploring the world when you’re young and broke often feels like a mission impossible, but that didn’t stop Iisa Hero from giving it a shot. This Finish travel blogger found viral fame on TikTok and Instagram once she started sharing memories from her budget-friendly adventures.

Hero became a full-time traveler while still studying business administration online, and she decided to use the power of social media to make ends meet. She’s followed by 200,000 people on Instagram and 140,000 more on TikTok, and she mostly funds her travels through brand partnerships and content creation.

In her media kit, Hero explains that she’s passionate about showcasing beautiful destinations around the world and teaching her followers how to travel on a budget while still enjoying unique experiences.

Hero already got the chance to explore several different continents before becoming a travel influencer. She spent some time in the US visiting her boyfriend and living in Australia and New Zealand as an exchange student in high school.

She visited 45 countries by the age of 22, and she’s helping other young travelers with a limited budget do the same. Hero isn’t interested in showcasing the luxurious side of travel, and most of her posts offer practical tips and tricks you can use to explore the world without spending a fortune.