Blondie + Rye is Taking Instagram by Storm with Her Beautifully Decorated Bread

Bread baking is an art form in its own right, but one woman from North Carolina found a way to take it to a whole new level. Her Instagram page Blondie + Rye became a true sensation after she started sharing her beautifully decorated and intricately carved loaves with the world.

Hannah P. started baking after receiving a Dutch oven and a simple no-knead recipe from a co-worker—and never looked back! After creating her first sourdough starter, she started experimenting with crust art by carving her loaves or adding edible decorations.

When you look at her loaves, it seems like there’s a lot of planning going into each one, but that’s not the case. Hannah told My Modern Met that she doesn’t like planning her doughs or designs too much because improvisation is part of the fun.

When it comes to her carved bread designs, she admitted there’s an element of rush and danger going into them. She has to act fast when creating them because it’s easy to ruin the design if the scoring tool slips midway through or if she misjudges the hydration of the dough.

From fruits and veggies to nuts and herbs, Hannah enjoys decorating her bread with every food that she stumbles upon, so head to her Instagram page for some bread art inspiration.