You’ll Love These Weird Vases and Mugs By Philip Kupferschmidt

Philip Kupferschmidt is an Orange County-based ceramic artist who makes unique vases and mugs. Kupferschmidt’s ceramic creations seem like they have been melting at one point before being frozen in time. The artist achieves this effect by glazing the mugs and vases with drops of clay to simulate dripping. He also gives them unusual shapes that resemble what happens when something is exposed to high heat.

According to his website, Kupferschmidt is interested in “exploring unique approaches decorative and functional ceramics through design, color and glaze experimentation.”

Aside from working on his original pieces, Kupferschmidt is no stranger to collaborations with other artists. For example, he recently teamed up with San Francisco-based artist Calvin Wong to create vessels that combine their styles. Wong contributed with signature facial expressions on ceramics, while Kupferschmidt added the “melting” effect.

His collaboration with fellow ceramic artist Faye Hadfield has also been a complete success. Hadfield created demon-like vessels that Kupferschmidt made even scarier with his special glaze.

Philip Kupferschmidt shares his newest works and collaborations on his social media. He also runs a webshop on his website that allows people to buy his works.