Charis Tsevis Creates Impressive Digital Mosaics Inspired By Pop Culture

Charis Tsevis is a talented Greek visual designer who’s behind some of the most impressive digital mosaics you’ll come across on the internet. What makes his style special is the fact that he uses thematic tiles to bring his artwork to life.

Tsevis is mostly inspired by pop culture characters but isn’t a stranger to sports or political figures. In order to recreate them in mosaic format, he links thousands of meticulously selected pieces, with each having a close connection with the subject.

For example, in order to create a mosaic of Beth Harmon, a character from Netflix’s hit show The Queen’s Gambit, he used chess pieces and chessboard squares.

For Leonardo DiCaprio’s mosaic, he opted for hundreds of different photos of the Academy Award-winning actor.

Tsevis’ works have not only managed to capture the attention of common internet users but have also helped him to connect with high-profile clients. So far, he has worked for a number of reputable companies, including Nike, Google, Ferrari, Toyota, and IKEA. His mosaics have also been featured in magazines like Time, Glamour, and The Wall Street Journal.

Tsevis currently works out of his studio located on the island of Cyprus, and he regularly shares his art on Instagram. Check out more of it below.