Illustrator Experiments With Colors and the Results are Amazing

“I won’t be much without art in general, it pushes me every day, that’s where I see beauty.” That is how Thais Cuny expresses her feelings towards art. The talented French illustrator has been studying arts, design, and graphics for around six years, and her work is nothing less than incredible.

Her life revolves around her studies, her boyfriend, and her cat. She also participates in various exhibitions and workshops locally. Interested in other techniques, Cuny would like to include screen printings in her future illustrations. Choosing the internet as her main and favorite medium, especially Pinterest or Instagram, the artist explains that she needs to receive a daily dose of inspiration so she can function properly.

“I like to take the time to make sketches throughout the day, patterns, characters, nothing very complete. But, that’s what I use to define small compositions in my sketchbook,” she said in an interview for Ballpit. “Subsequently, I take these small sketches on my IPad on which I produce each of my illustrations.”

She prefers illustrating simplified characters with colorful patterns. Her main goal is to find new color palettes that would match, new shapes for backgrounds loaded with all kinds of details.

“I wholeheartedly love to have a style for youth illustration, and that’s what I would like to evolve towards,” she added.

Scroll down and check out her work below.