Christina Mrozik’s Art Acts as a Fantastical Mirror

Christina Mrozik uses pen, ink, marker, and watercolor, to create surreal visions of the natural world. Combining flora and fauna, her creations blend dreams with the stuff of nightmares, making for an uneasy effect.

“I feel like art acts as a mirror,” said the mixed media artist in a chat with Your Creative Pusg podcast. “It is revealing the parts that are inside of you already and you’re just putting them on paper. Then you have something to look at that informs you about your inner world. So it’s this back and forth process.”

“Your art should be a reflection of yourself and the only reason it should stay the same is if you do,” stressed the Portland, Oregon-based artist. “If you’re on a path of growing and shifting, your work should grow and shift with you. You should feel like you have permission to allow it to change.”

Mrozik has worked with multiple international galleries, as well as arts education nonprofit groups.

“There are so many times where I don’t really have a clear idea at all, I just know that I’m feeling creative. I’ll just sit down at a piece of paper and see what’s in there,” Mrokzik said.

Enter her magical worlds in the gallery below.