These Tattoos Are Officially Works of Art

Sometimes tattoos are just that, tattoos. But other times they are featured in museums. Meet tattoo icon, known simply as Roxx. Featured in a 2017 exhibition in The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), her works treat the human body as a canvas, upon which geometric designs twist and curve.

“Tattoo to me is the enhancement and adornment of what nature has already given us,” the LA-based artist said in an interview with Dazed & Confused. “It’s a talisman. Tattoo tells our personal narrative, and makes us feel empowered. Tattoo is also body armour, and then, in another way, tattoo also makes the wearer feel sexier and more attractive.”

“Tattoos have now evolved into a multi-dimensional art form, with styles that appeal to different tastes and sensibilities, from crude hand poke tattoos to heavy black, and everything in between. I also consider tattoo a sacred, cultural art steeped in the history of mankind. It tells the story of history and culture since the invention of fire. I see tattoo on a spectrum that has many facets. It can be so many things – art, ritual, primitive and modern.”

Check out her mesmerizing designs in the gallery below.

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