Enter the Surreal, Nostalgic Landscape of Aaron Elvis Jupin

Aaron Elvis Jupin’s art is very much his own. A blend of realistic and surrealistic imagery, it often features cartoonish characters with references to childhood classics. Other themes include windows and mirrors, creating a landscape that is composed of memories and reflections. There’s also a heavy dose of humor in his work, a sort of tongue in cheekiness that makes for an ironic effect.

Based in California, Jupin is mostly known for his paintings but also sculpts and draws. In March 2017, he published his first book by Stolen Books titled “DOUBLE CHECK YOU’RE ALONE”.

With his paintings, an element of play is introduced through optical illusions: “I usually have an idea that I’ll mock-up in photoshop using an assortment of references,” Jupin explained in an interview with Juxtapoz, where he shared his creative process. “But typically, I leave room for chance,” he admits. “I like to give myself options in the direction my painting can go. I think some of the best paintings I’ve made come from those opportunities.”

But though immersed in irony, Jupin aspires to be as truthful as he can with his art. “I’ve been trying to be more honest with myself as a painter and making paintings that interest me,” he notes. “The humor comes from the viewer’s own subconscious connection to these images, and I’m not trying to force this humor on anyone.”

According to Jupine, exploring the anti-real within the logic of cartoons is when the paintings become absurd. “It’s at this moment that I feel levity become present, the paintings explore animation and absurdist reality comes along with it,” he says. Indeed, painting through a nostalgic lens allows him to communicate the absurdity of how images from Disney cartoons are remembered from childhood.

“There is no rhyme or reason to my process, no schedule in how I made these recent works,” says Jupin. “Some days I feel like drawing and other days I feel like painting.” Follow his creative journey on social media.