Student Creates Cake Inspired by Capybara Hot Springs in Japan

Cakes don’t have to look good to be tasty. But when they do, it makes them really special and worth of admiration. One of such cakes was recently made by university student and amateur baker Rin.

Rin shared her newest dessert creation that could rightfully be considered as an art piece. She made a cheesecake featuring a lively scene of capybaras bathing in Japanese hot springs (onsen) while being surrounded by oranges, vegetation, and rocks. According to Rin, the scene was inspired by real-life as capybaras soaking in an onsen is a familiar sight in Japan.

Rin’s creation generated a lot of attention, with social media users praising her impressive cake and cooking skills. This prompted her to make another similar cake with an updated scene that featured a duck and an adorable chubby bird. She also has plans to make other cakes with similar scenes from nature, and we can’t wait.

If you fell in love with this cake and would like to try it, we have some great news for you. Inspired by the positive reactions, Rin made a tutorial with detailed instructions on making her Capybara Hot Springs cake.

The recipe is quite simple and doesn’t require baking. Check it out below.