Follow Color Designer and Nail Art Queen Jessica Washick

Jessica Washick is, arguably, the coolest gal on Instagram. A nail artist on top of being a fashion designer, her official job title at Nike is “Senior Color Designer,” so you know her Instagram page is gonna be eye-popping, to say the least.

According to Washick, she first started painting her nails in 2007 after a tough break-up, sharing her nail art in her blog titled “You Don’t Need A Man, You Need A Manicure.” She went on to study fashion design in Parsons, which ultimately lead her to her dream job at Nike.

“I’ve always wanted to design at Nike, but as I got deeper and deeper into fashion and the nail world, I didn’t know how I could contribute since my background was in accessory design and nails,” she relayed in an interview with HYPEBAE. “One day, I went onto the Nike career website and saw an opening for a color designer. There’s a lot of color obsession in doing nails so I knew I’d be able to leverage those skills, and I believed my background in accessory design could amplify that. I actually showed my nail art portfolio for part of the interview and they were receptive. That was really cool.”

With a clear passion for color, Washick doesn’t shy from making a bold statement, with her designs being often vibrant as they are playful. “Colors play a huge role because they evoke emotion, and a good color story can take you places,” she reflects. Follow her Instagram page for that extra dose of color.