Expecting Mothers You Can Now Embroider Your Own Baby Ultrasound

Over the years, we’ve seen our fair share of embroidery art. Custom embroidered portraits? Check! Realistic food embroideries? Check! Fiber art made to look like stylized oil paintings? Check, check, check! But even we were surprised when we came across Veselka Bulkan’s embroidered ultrasounds.

“I came up with an idea of a baby ultrasound embroidery and announcing my pregnancy this way,” explained the German embroiderer on her website. “I was imaging from her ultrasounds how my little one will look like, and thinking of a keepsake of these beautiful days. Now, this is piece is a part of our nursery.”

But what began as a personal and unique way of announcing her pregnancy turned into a viral phenomenon. “I have got many inquiries after my announcement, and after I while, I started to accept custom orders,” Bulkan relayed. “There become shortly a long backlog, more than I can handle especially as a new mom, hundred of emails at some days, I could not reply one by one, felt really upset about it. Embroidering is a slow process at all, and most of my current time is obviously dedicated to my little one for the moment.”

After too many offers to count, she decided to share her knowledge with others, providing a Baby Ultrasound Embroidery Tutorial which is now a best seller on Etsy. “For about two years, I have spent so many hours analyzing many ultrasounds, practicing new techniques to optimize the process,” Bulkan writes. “And now, I am sharing with you all my experiences within that tutorial! I hope you will enjoy it, and follow along with me on this experience.”