French Artist Mixes Emotion With Geometric Designs

Marine Bl Girard is a talented French artist living and working in Paris. She started her career when she was a little girl, and was only four years old when she began drawing together with her grandmother. Later, she went to art school to eventually become a Graphic Designer.

To create her masterpieces, Girard explains how her creating process needs to look.

“I’m very organized. I like when everything is well planned, and precision is also really important to me,” she said in an interview for Ballpit. “Maybe that’s the reason why I really like geometric design, sharp shapes, vectors, and symmetry. It looks very clean and organized, and I think it creates a sort of harmony (at least to me!).”

After graduation, she moved to the “City of Light” and loves her creative job. Lately, she has been drawing more in Procreate, regardless of Illustrator being her favorite medium. Images of plates full of colorful and delicious-looking food, flowers, animals, and people are just some of the works she shares on her Instagram and Behance account.

Check out the gallery below if you want to see her beautiful illustrations. Don’t forget to support her work by following her on social media.