Artist Depicts Minimalistic Illustrations with Her Unique Personalized Process

Martina Fischmeister is an award-winning illustrator best-known for using vivid colors, clean shapes, and textures. Creating editorial and book illustrations and comics, the artist likes to work with the human form, natural elements, transcendental motives, but is also inspired by mythology and old tales that are still meaningful today. However, it’s her technique that’s truly amazing!

Working in the editorial illustration where all the work has to be done as quickly as possible, Fischmeister explained that her style evolved into something that is easier to read due to her simple, yet vivid color pallette.

Her first step in creating an illustration is making a mood board and do some pencil sketches. Then, she transfers the ideas to Photoshop, where she experiments with composition, light, and shadow. After that, drawing the illustration comes easily, blocking out colors, adding lines, shading, and textures.

She currently has over 4,000 Instagram followers, where she shares some of her work. Scroll down and check out our favorites.