Gemcutter Bryan Engraves Intricate Patterns on Precious Stones

Those of you who enjoy unique pieces of jewelry will most definitely appreciate the works of Bryan Daniel Drummond. This self-taught gemcutter and goldsmith creates one-of-a-kind precious stones by engraving complex patterns on them.

Drummond started his journey in the jewelry industry in 2014 when he started making pieces with the wire wrapping technique. After finding great success, he continued to develop his craft and expand his portfolio. This led him to give lapidary, the art of shaping gemstones, a try, and it proved a great decision.

Drummond discovered that he enjoyed gem-cutting much and made it his primary focus. He even used his background in mechanics to develop special methods that allowed him to create complex patterns and geometric shapes that couldn’t be seen anywhere else.

Nowadays, Drummond creates both unique gemstones and jewelry pieces at his Las Vegas-based store Drummond Gems & Jewelry.

“His vision for each piece is to bring to life a concept; and to encapsulate it as a luxurious talisman for the collector to behold as a reminder of the story it tells,” it says on Drummond’s official website.

He also frequently shares his newest creations on his social media. Check out some of them below.