Group of Friends Create Relatable and Funny Comics About Their Everyday Life

Doing things with friends is always better and more fun, especially when it comes to creative work. This is one of the secrets behind the hugely popular “Pudin and Flan” webcomics. 

The main characters of these comics are two gamer girls, Pudin and Flan, who not only share an apartment together but also the goal of achieving their “big dreams.” Throughout the comics, we witness Pudin and Flan going through adventures and all sorts of funny and relatable everyday situations that can happen to everyone.

The reason why these comics hit close to home is that they are based on real people and real-life events. The “Pudin and Flan” is the project by three friends – Destinee Cleveland, Jackie King, and James Averett – who decided to use their own lives as an inspiration for the adventures of Pudin and Flan.

According to the group, which has an artistic background, they originally wanted to create an animated show around “Pudin and Flan.” Unfortunately, their pitch was rejected, so they decided to turn it into a comic. And it’s safe to say that they made a great decision.

“Our original goal was to create a funny little comic about ourselves, but it’s become something so much bigger,” shared the comic creators. “We now have a chance to bring about representation for everything we find important in our lives and the society we live in.”

Check out more of Pudin and Flan’s cool adventures below.