Giulia Bernardelli Transforms Coffee Spills Into Art

Almost no one likes seeing their coffee spilled. You were hoping to enjoy that caffeine kick to get you through the day only for it to be taken away from you due to clumsiness. However, Italian artist Giulia Bernardelli is looking forward to these mishaps because it gives her an opportunity to get creative and turn coffee spills into art.

Bernardelli treats coffee as paint. Using a brush, she transforms coffee into scenes from everyday life, animals, landscapes, or recreations of famous paintings.

According to Bernardelli, her venture into coffee art started by accident. One day, she was drinking coffee and accidentally spilled it on a white table. Watching the brown liquid disperse on the table prompted Bernardelli to start drawing with it.  

Nowadays, Bernardelli “plans” when the coffee spills will take place but she stills retains a spontaneous approach to her art. She never plans the type of artwork she will create and lets the shape of the spill inspire her.

“My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day I find something creative to do with my life,” Bernardelli shares in her Instagram bio.

You can check out more of Bernardelli’s coffee drawings by continuing to scroll.