Artist Creates Delicious-Looking Food Out of Balloons

Cooking is hard, especially if you want the food to look good. But imagine having to cook with balloons as your ingredients? That sure sounds like an impossible feat until you see the creations of Korean balloon artist Jiwon Lee.

Lee can make anything you can imagine from balloons, but his most popular creations are, without any doubt, food. By twisting and joining balloons of different sizes, shapes, and colors, Lee “cooks up” all sorts of appetizing dishes.

Ramen made out of balloons? You got it. Balloon omurice? Say no more. Lee’s balloon kitchen is better equipped than most high-end restaurants.

Lee shares his balloon food creations on Instagram, where he has 191K followers. His posts often contain videos that show him “cooking” the food from start to finish.

For example, in one video, this talented artist is making a balloon taco. First, he gets out the balloon veggies that he chops with a balloon knife and fits in a balloon tortilla with some balloon meat. And of course, there is a balloon-strings sauce for the taste.

If you enjoyed Lee’s balloon creations, you can check out more of them on his social media or by scrolling below.