Greek Artist Creates Intricate Drawings on Wood Slices

Talented artists don’t need an extensive color palette or impeccable canvas to create great works of art. One great example is Greek artist Melpomeni Chatzipanagiotou, who uses just pen and ink to create intricate drawings on wood slices.

Despite working with limited material, Chatzipanagiotou manages to pack her wood illustrations with amazing details and captivating scenes. These pieces often explore diverse themes, which is a result of the artist’s “broad interests,” as she explains on her official website.

Chatzipanagiotou’s creative process mainly focuses on “natural habitat and its living inhabitants“ that she pairs with some surreal elements in order to give her works an otherworldly touch.” She also looks to “pay homage to Mother Nature” while exploring themes on how all life is connected. This leads to drawings of flower-covered deer under a star-filled sky, dreamlike landscapes, and tranquil scenes of cabins in the woods. 

Aside from her wood slice illustrations, the artist also works on several other projects. This includes paper illustrations and drawings in a similar style. She is also working on a coloring book that will become available in 2023.

Chatzipanagiotou often shares her newest wood slice artworks on her official Instagram page, while some can also be purchased through her Etsy store. You can check out more of them below.