Guy Poses With Filters After Being Told Woman Would Find Him More Attractive

Dating is difficult no matter your age or situation, but it has become nearly impossible during the coronavirus. With social distancing making us feel lonelier than usual, one man named Glenn Embry decided to try the world of online dating. He was told by a woman that he would be more attractive if he used filters in his photos and well, he did just that.

“Somebody said the ladies will find me a lot more attractive if I post pictures with filters. I have some doubts but what do I know, right? So here goes. Man my phones probably gonna really blow up,” he posted on Facebook.

Before long, the photos that he posted on May 9 went viral taking the Facebook world by storm with more than 39k reactions, 11k comments, and 117k shares.

The photos are just the light content we need during these stressful times. Embrey took the woman’s advice literally and posted photos of himself holding actual filters instead of filtering his photos with digital app filters. He used all types of filters including vacuum filters, air conditioning filters, coffee filters, and lawnmower filters.

For a good laugh, check out more of the photos below.