Elvria Jonsson is the Queen of Braids

As children many girl and boys learn to braid from their parents or grandparents. But, they usually only learn classic braids, not french braids or fishtail braids, which are much more complicated and take practice and skills. Braids aren’t going out of fashion any time soon as Disney princesses always have the most perfect braids and this hairstyle is having a moment on Instagram. If you’re looking to up your braiding skills, braid queen Elivra Jonsson is here to provide inspiration and teach you how to do your very own complex hairstyles.

Elvria Jonsson’s love for braids is evident on her Instagram page and her hairstyles are far from simplistic. Her braids have intricate designs and she weaves hair scarves and delicate flowers in her hair. Each hairstyle is very different from the last, but the one thing they have in common is that they all feature braids.

Her half-up half-down styles and braided crowns are ideal for any bride or wedding guest and her loose fishtail braids are great for a beach day.

She even teaches her almost 40k followers how to replicate the hairstyles with step-by-step videos that show the final product. Don’t be fooled as it takes a lot of patience and talent to create these amazing braids.