Illustrator Has Been Depicting Life With Wife and Baby and Soon They’ll Welcome a New Member

Becoming a parent changes your life completely. Sleepless nights, diapers and bottles are just some of the things new moms and dads are faced with. But, those are the most memorable and precious times, as well. And Jonathan Jui decided he would capture his little family’s everyday moment. He began creating illustrations when his now-toddler was born.

“When I became a dad, I decided to start drawing,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. “I illustrated everyday moments with my son, as well as my thoughts, fears, and frustrations with being a parent.”

But the family of three will soon become richer for another member.

“We’ve made it through almost four years and are coasting now, but we’re about to shake things up with another one coming along! Here’s to more comics about life as a family of four and the moments I’ll be sharing with baby #2,” he added.

See the illustrations below and swipe each one for more.