Foodie Creates Delicious Plant-Based Food You Gotta Love

Based in London, UK, Samira Kazan is the creator of a plant-based food blog called AlphaFoodie. There she shares yummy rainbow-inspired, healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes you will love! A few years back she realized that she had no time to eat breakfast, so she made a decision to improve her breakfast routine.

“I started my journey experimenting with all sorts of weird and wonderful ingredients. I found myself falling in love with breakfast and food in general! What began with me sharing my food creations on Facebook to family and friends, turned into the birth of my Instagram account in 2016,” she wrote on her blog.

Her Instagram account started to grow each day, and a year later, she realized that “it was becoming more than a hobby”. Now, Kazan has more than 790k Instagram followers and has been featured in media worldwide. She had the opportunity to work with Google, Pinterest, Duty-Free, Disney and Fox Productions. She even met the Royal Family!

To see her delicious and colorful meals, check the gallery below.