It’s Back to the Future with Miss Pop’s Nail Art

When it comes to nail art, Simcha Whitehill, aka Miss Pop, doesn’t shy away from colors and patterns. Based in NYC, she jokingly refers to her style as “Back to the Future” and judging by her Instagram page, it’s easy to see why, as her eye-popping designs are very clearly inspired by ’80s aesthetics.

“I like to create a retro look full of bold colors and prints that still incorporates current trends to amp up classic styles,” she shared in an interview with Style Caster. “Of course, since nails are my fave accessory, to match all that shimmer, I’ve been bejeweling my toes too with metallic gold and silver polish. Plus, I line my bottom lash with silver so my eyes have extra twinkle too. I’m not exactly an au natural kind of girl, so especially in the summer when my usual makeup just melts right off, a little sweat-proof glam beauty makes me feel done up.”

With almost 50k followers on Instagram as well as features in fashion magazines such as Elle and Marie Claire and runway shows during New York Fashion Week – you might just want to follow her lead. Here are some of our favorite looks by her: