Mom Draws Portraits Of Celebrities That Will Take Your Breath Away

Marni Korneluk is an Australia-based mom with a passion for art. She specializes in pencil drawings and creates remarkable portraits of celebrities, mostly musicians. In her gallery, you can see other works as well, like faces of actors, movie characters, animals, etc.

“Art is in my bones,” Korneluk shared on her Facebook page. “By drawing artists, musicians and wildlife that inspire me, I love to see realism emerge. My work has been quietly gaining momentum and has received an acknowledgment from musicians whose portraits I have drawn.”

Her art pieces are mainly done with pencils, however, recently she began extending her work by using other mediums, like vibrant paintings and wall murals.

“I am currently expanding in my pencil work, diving into colored pencil and larger-scale drawings to challenge myself and grow as an artist,” she added.

Scroll down and check out her work below and follow her on Facebook for more amazing creations.