Japanese Chef Carves Fruit and Veggies Into Amazing Food Art

Takehiro Kishimoto is a Japanese chef who turns fruit and veggies into works of art. Kishimoto practices mukimono, the Japanese art of food garnishing, but also uses traditional Thai techniques of carving fruit and vegetables.

Working with a sharp knife, Kishimoto decorates food with complex designs, turning them into miniature sculptures. He often turns to traditional Japanese patterns for new ideas while also seeking inspiration in nature.  

He often has to work fast in order to avoid oxidation but still managed to pack an incredible amount of details into each of his pieces. When finished, Kishimoto snaps a photo of his creation and then eats it in order to prevent it from going to waste.

Kishimoto decided to give food art a try after seeing a report about it on television. He started sharing his works on social media in 2016 and has since amassed a huge following. This is particularly the case on Instagram, where he has 250K followers.

“I enjoy doing it because, as a chef, I find it extremely pleasing to create beautiful objects from food,” Kishimoto said in an interview with SWNS. “People also find it entertaining, which I think is important.”

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