Katharine Burns’ Seascape Paintings Show the Beauty and Power of Oceans

There is something both calming and disturbing about oceans. Watching their breaking waves is peaceful, but also reminds you that the power of the sea is far greater than we can imagine.

Intrigued by the beauty and power of oceans, Canadian artist Katharine Burns creates captivating paintings of seascapes. With an impressive attention to detail, Burns reproduces all sorts of different scenes on canvas. This ranges from calming seas painted in bright colors by a setting sun to waves crashing on the beach.

According to Burns, the main focus of her paintings is always water, and she always aims to avoid adding other motifs that might distract the viewers. 

“What I try to capture is intimacy, and the qualities of the whole ocean environment that captivate us, sometimes unconsciously; or inspire awe in ways we can barely put into words,” Burns explains on her website. “The sparkles created from sunlight on the water’s surface; the amazing force behind a wave; the little windows of translucency that flash within it for a split second just before it crashes to the shore.”

Burns’ seascape paintings are currently exhibited at the James Baird Gallery in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Abbozzo Gallery in Toronto, Ontario. You can also check them out on the artist’s social media channels or by scrolling below.