Joshua Davison Creates Colorful Flower Paintings With a Palette Knife

Joshua Davison is a self-taught artist from New Zealand who creates colorful flower paintings. However, what sets Davison apart from artists who focus on similar subjects is that he almost exclusively uses palette knives in his practice.

Davison’s paintings are particularly captivating due to their sculptural effect. He starts off by adding slabs of paint, switching between oil and acrylic, onto canvas and then builds layers until an image of a blossoming flower appears. This causes the flowers to “pop off” the canvas.

According to Davison, one of the most important goals he aims to achieve in his creative practice is originality. He developed his techniques and methods without being influenced by conventional thought and strives to continuously explore his creativity.

“I believe the term original is very loosely thrown around these days and that true originality is incredibly rare but something that can be worked towards and earned,” Davison told Colossal in a recent interview. “The prospect of one day achieving truly original work is the single biggest motivator for me as an artist.”

Davison mainly exhibits his works in art galleries in his native country. Luckily, he also frequently shares them on social media so the entire world can enjoy them. Check out more below.