Karolina Zolubak Followed Her Heart and Became An Illustrator

We first caught notice of illustrator Karolina Zolubak when we stumbled upon her “Preggo-Journals” – a candid illustrated journal she shared on Instagram, documenting the challenges of becoming a mother. But having learned since about Zolubak’s journey to becoming a full-time illustrator, we’re even more impressed.

Based in Berlin, Zolubak moved out from home at the mere age of 17 and started to study and work as a translator. But having gained a Master of Arts in communication and cultural studies, she found herself drawn back to the drawing table. “I’m a spiritual person who believes in the power of thoughts and wishes,” she shared in an interview with Strangerless. “I make a ritual of it every now and then to send out a wish to the universe.”

And so, come New Year’s Eve (almost three years ago to date), she sat down and looked deep within herself. “I wrote down: I want to develop professionally and leave my boredom behind me, I want to illustrate, to learn to draw and edit digitally, I want to create a portfolio of my drawings and (at some point) illustrate articles for magazines,” she recalled.”Also, I want to see something of my own in Flow magazine.

Incredibly enough, and with a lot of hard work and dedication, her wishes came true. Nowadays, her work includes anything from editorial illustrations to personalized and individual illustrations. Here are some highlights from her feed:

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*Kali or Goddess Mother* How many roles do I play in my life? Meredith had it right…I‘m a mother, an entrepreneur, I‘m a wife, a friend, an author, an illustrator…sometimes it’s just overwhelming. I‘m juggling all of it at once, afraid to let any role fall down even for a while, but it’s simply impossible to give 100% to each role! It‘s 100% for all of them together, so if I choose to work more, my baby and my relationship get less; if I choose to go out with friends, I might need to pump and dump and call my publishers to postpone the next deadline. It‘s a wild act, overwhelming, exhausting but also exciting. I am trying to find a balance I can live with, kicking my perfectionism in the butt, asking for help and for forgiveness, trying not to loose my head. It’s my hell, it’s my dream, it’s nothing in between and I know I wouldn’t want it any other way!* . *free Interpretation of Meredith Brooks’ „I‘m a bitch“ . . . . . #motherhood #motherhoodillustrated #morerealityoninstagram #lifewithababy #momboss #preggojournal #creativetherapy #workingmother #bookauthor #illustrator #goddess #mothergoddess #artonlink #illustrationartists #womenwhodraw #motherhoodunited #fürmehrrealitätaufinstagram #mimimom #goddesskali #roles #illustratedlife #berlinillustration #momblogger #zoluart #womensupportingwomen #newauthor #bookrelease #newmother #alanismorissette

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