Marianna Madriz’s Illustrations Will Delight Your Inner Child

Venezuela-born, London-based illustrator Marianna Madriz is inspired by magical realist novels, coming of age films, DIY comics, and personable characters (real or fictional), to name a few. Her child-like creations will tend to your inner child, but not only. With clients that include Laurence King, Anorak Magazine, SCOOP, and the Arts University Bournemouth – it’s clear that people are taking notice.

In 2018, she illustrated a Little Guides to Great Lives book, that explored the life of Frida Kahlo. “Years ago I traveled to Mexico and I was lucky enough to visit Frida Kahlo’s Blue House, where I took at least 200 photos of her room, her clothes, her collection of miniature skeletons and puppets,” shared Madriz with the Laurence King blog. “All of these elements (and other photos I took in and around the city) later found their way into informing the illustrations for this book.”

And encouraging other artists to work up the courage and embrace their artistic calling, she advised: “Just do it, and if you love it never stop! Surround yourself with other people who also share your interests and enjoy creating, and learn from them.”

Take a look at some of her delightful creations in the gallery below.

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