Jay Keeree’s GIFS Are Weird (In a Good Way)

Designer, animator, and multimedia artist Theera (Jay) Keeree loves experimenting with different techniques and tools to create works that are unconventional, intriguing, and influential. Take, for instance, his short animations and GIFs, shared through his Instagram page. Featuring different 3D shapes that twist, turn, and bounce, his animations have a hypnotic quality to them.

“I like to take things or ideas that are familiar and then spin it until it feels ‘right’ β€” not a definite kind of right, but a forgiving, ever-shifting, strange kind of right that might have been made up with all kinds of wrongs,” shared Keeree in an interview with Creative Mornings. “An intended response to my work can be something like, ‘Hmmm..that’s weird, but I kinda like it.'”

With selected clients that include Anthropologie, Bloomberg, Buzzfeed News, and Old Navy, it’s clear that people more than “kinda like” his work. “You might find that your work is a little weird, different, or unconventional, but that’s a unique quality which sets you apart from other people,” he said, encouraging other artists. “Of course, the process comes with discouraging moments full of doubts too, but stick to it.”

Check out some of his more interesting works in the gallery below.

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