Meowdulator is a Guitar Synth That Transforms Notes Into Cat Sounds

Are you a cat-loving guitar player? In that case, the Meowdulator is a gadget that you have to add to your collection. This guitar synth transforms every note you play on a guitar into a cat sound.

The Meowdulator was created by Pleasant, Missouri-based B’s Music Shop and guitar pedal maker Cusack Music. It offers a wide range of cat sounds, including Staccato Kitten, Staccato Cat, and Staccato Sad Cat, as well as more unusual feline sounds like Acid Kitty Synth, Kitty Scream Synth, and Little Mew. Additionally, the Meowdulator can also produce purring sounds.

 “Unleash the purr-fect sound with our new Cat Guitar Pedal! Custom-designed by Avery Worrall and crafted by Cusack Music, this unique mono-synth pedal adds a touch of feline flair to your setup. It turns every note you play into a symphony of cat-tactic sounds!” B’s Music Shop shared while introducing the Meowdulator.

As expected, the Meowdulator, which retails at $199.99, has become quite popular among guitar players. The first two batches are already sold out, while the third one is expected to arrive in late July or early August.

B’s Music Shop’s Brian Hansen recently showcased the Meowdulator’s capabilities in a video shared on YouTube, and it is safe to say that the guitar synth delivers on its promise. Check it out below.