This Talented Artist Can Turn Your Pet Into a Disney Character

Have you ever wondered what your pet would look like if they were a character from a Disney animated movie? Well, you can easily find that out by reaching out to talented Italian artist Alessia Ciullo.

Ciullo is the creative mind behind a popular Instagram page @mycartoonpets, home to some amazing illustrations of Disneyfied pets. Pet owners from around the world send Ciullo photos of their bellowed friends, and she uses her magic (otherwise known as drawing skills) to turn them into Disney characters.

In a recent chat with Bored Panda, Ciullo said that she accidentally discovered her talent. After getting a dog called Sherlock, she decided to improve her animal-drawing skills and did a few portraits of him. Everyone around her loved the way Sherlock turned out, and she has been drawing pets in Disney animation style ever since.

According to Ciullo, making these portraits isn’t an easy job. She invests a great effort to make sure every owner gets the best version of their pet, so it can take days for her to complete a single work. However, she says it is worth it because of how owners react to her portraits.

“They either cry of joy when it’s a pet who crossed the rainbow bridge, or they’re just happy and amazed to see their fur babies turned into cartoon style,” she shares.

Check out more of her past works below.