Mondo Unveils New “X-Men” Collectible Figures Featuring Rogue and Gambit

To celebrate the upcoming Disney+ animated series, X-Men ’97, collectibles producer Mondo is releasing a series of X-Men collectible figures. The latest addition to the lineup figures of Rogue and Gambit.

Both X-Men characters, created in 1/6 scale, were designed to match their animated counterparts to the slightest detail. Rogue comes dressed in a vibrant green and yellow suit while sporting her signature jacket and two-color hairdo. The figure comes equipped with swappable hands and portraits to “show off her complex power set and personality”.

Gambit figure also comes with an array of additions. There are three different portraits that can be used alongside a number of swappable hands and added items like charged playing cards. According to Mondo, the figure “pays tribute to the Ragin’ Cajun’s kinetic prowess.”

The figures were sculpted by Mondo’s resident sculptor, Alex Brewer, and painted by artist Tomasz Rozejowski.

Rogue and Gambit figures are currently available for preorder on Mondo’s official online shop. The Rogue figure is priced at $210, while the Gambit figure costs $200.

 Mondo previously released other X-Men superheroes with looks based on the X-Men ’97 animated series, including Wolverine, Magneto, Jubilee, and Sabretooth.