Sculptor Builds a Boat Out of Ice and Takes it for a Sail

Belarusian sculptor Ivan Karpitsky decided to use sub-zero temperatures in his home country to undertake a truly amazing project. Karpitsky built a boat out of ice and even took it for a sail.

In a series of Instagram posts, which quickly spread on social media, Karpitsky documented the process of building the boat as well as its first sail. And no, the boat hasn’t sunk.

In one of the videos shared on his Instagram page, Karpitsky can be seen laying down blocks of ice to create the body of the boat before sculpting it into proper shape using a chainsaw. He even built a roof for the boat and fitted it with a helm and paddle wheels for added authenticity.

The final result of Karpitsky’s project was impressive, as the ice boat looked just like the real thing. And, as another clip showed, the boat had no problem staying afloat even with passengers onboard.

Karpitsky is a well-known sculptor in his native Belarus, having built all sorts of amazing pieces out of ice and snow. This includes a castle, a tower, and a violin. Check out more photos of his icy boat, as well as some of his other creations, below.