More Trees, Less Heat: Sara Thielker’s Illustrations Reflect Her Love of Nature

Sara Thielker describes herself as an illustrator and earth lover, with her work being an extension to both herself and her love of the earth. “I practice green living as much as I possibly can,” writes Thielker on her website, adding that she prints her work on recycled or sustainable paper and does not use plastic packaging for any of her products.

With her practice being environmentally conscious, it makes sense that Thielker also chooses illustration themes that reflect man’s complicated (and often toxic) relationship with his natural environment. But rather than being preachy or uninviting, her illustrations provide a hopeful, optimistic message, calling others to take care of their surroundings and invite nature inside their homes.

Born in Oxford, the UK, Thielker says she grew up in a very creative and free-thinking environment, which nurtured and cherished the artist in her. “My entire family was massively important in inspiring my love for art from an early age,” she once remarked in an interview with Inky Goodness. “An art foundation, a degree in illustration from UWE (Bristol), and over five years in a lovely design studio in Bath have helped guide me to where I am today.”

Here are some of our favorite creations by her.

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