Tracey Meek’s Quirky Ceramic Creations

Describing herself as an artist, maker, mover, and shaker, Tracey Meek dips her toes in anything from watercolor paintings and collages to ceramic art and sculpting. “My work has evolved naturally over time,” she shared with Inky Goodness. “I guess it ‘officially’ began when my daughter went to school. I’d spend my free time in cafes, drawing people and picking up the buzz of comings and goings.”

Things started taking shape when a group of her friends formed an art collective. “It was never a serious thing, just a bunch of creative nuts throwing ideas about and drinking red wine,” admits Meek. “Somehow we managed to get hold of this lovely, crumbling four-story building and spent a good few months in it, larking about and just being free and creative. It was a beautiful time.” It also encouraged her to take the required leap of faith and become a fully fleshed artist (“I decided I’m never going to be a 9-5 person,” she jokes).

Based in Derby, England, Meek’s work has been exhibited throughout the UK. She’s especially known for her ceramic figurines and tiny, wonky, people, that take many shapes and forms. But she admits that being an artist means learning from trial and (much) error. “At any given time, its’ really about continually bettering myself as an artist, and as a person,” she says. “Some people learn academically, others through social activity and experience. I’m definitely the latter.”

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