Olek’s Crochet Art is Something Else

Agata Oleksiak uses the traditional medium of crochet to make untraditional art. Also known as Olek, the Polish-born, New-York-based fiber artist makes sculptures and installations out of colorful fabrics and strings. Covering anything and everything, from an entire apartment to people – you can count on her artwork to make a statement.

An avid supporter of women’s rights, equality, and freedom of expression, Olek’s pieces were exhibited in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Turkey, France, and other places around the globe; proving that people are tuned to her message.

“As a kid I learned to crochet a little,” she shared with Spear’s Magazine. “It was something to do when I was growing up; we had to reinvent what we had, to make something out of it. I spent a whole week collecting the tin caps from the milk we got every day to make art. I would collect the shiny paper when we had chocolate and make something out of it. I really hate it when artists say, ‘I can’t work because I don’t have materials.’ Find your own materials! Find your own!”

This DIY punk spirit shines throughout her work, making it altogether unique. Take a look for yourself.